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Coming Full Circle

By Cheryl Senn With my oldest daughter, Althea, getting her first job, at the Sanger Pool, I feel like, her, and part of my life, have come full circle. The original quote, “The wheel is come full circle, I am ...

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Even The Mightiest Of Us Need Help

By Cheryl Senn  “Eventually, we have to face the fact that we’re human…and that sometimes, even the mightiest of us need help.” – Dr. Meredith Grey, Grey’s Anatomy With all the busy lives we lead, there is no time for ...

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By Cheryl Senn You could be almost anywhere, doing almost anything, and it could be a perfect moment to take a selfie. I think it is an excellent way for Sanger people to share their life, how they see themselves, ...

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Savor The Moment While It Lasts

By Cheryl Senn So many messages and signs have been speaking to me lately. Could there have been messages trying to get through to me all along, or have I been more observant of all that is around me lately?, ...

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Sanger, A Community Of Love

By Cheryl Senn Welcome to The Sanger Scene, a community news website. Yes, that is right, Sanger has its very first online news magazine devoted to highlighting all the positive aspects, of community, in the City of Sanger. Jean Vanier said,”Community ...

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