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Home / School / More than $2,300 collected in the recent HOPE Sanger-Sanger Unified Coin Drive
Madison Mustang Leadership students pose with HOPE Sanger Board members Julie Mendoza and Amanda Montelongo. (Photo by Cheryl Senn)

More than $2,300 collected in the recent HOPE Sanger-Sanger Unified Coin Drive

By Cheryl Senn During the month of October, six Sanger Unified School elementary school campuses competed in the HOPE Sanger Coin Drive campaign. Students on the Wilson, Del Rey, Jackson, Madison, Lincoln, and Jefferson campuses, spent the month, from October 5th to November 6th, collecting spare change and coins, from family members and community members….

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About CherylSenn

Cheryl Senn is a freelance writer and photographer who has lived in the community of Sanger for more than 20 years. She is the mother of two daughters, Althea and Xena. Cheryl volunteers her time, in the community, in a variety of ways. She has been a Parent Teacher Association (PTA) leader for more than 15 years. In addition to PTA, Cheryl is a board member for the Sanger Community Task Force, Sanger Woman’s Club, HOPE Sanger, and a Fresno County 4H Project Leader. Cheryl’s goal is to help people see why Sanger is a great community to live in.